Christian Outreach

providing real experiences for youth to grow deeper in their faith

Real life. Real questions. Real faith.

Have questions you aren't sure you can ask?

  • What do you want to ask God?
  • What would He ask you?
  • What does it mean to be Catholic - to be Christian?
  • Why do so many people suffer in our world?
  • When do you feel the farthest from God?
  • When do you most need Him?
  • When are you closest to Him?

Join us throughout the year for opportunities of growth and community. We work with teens to explore their faith, fears, hopes, and dreams.

Hear from inspiring speakers, and explore your connection with God through small group discussion. Talk with other teens about the challenges you face in today's world, and discover a new vision of your greater life with Christ. Through the Bible, the empowering Sacraments, and connections with others ready to grow in fatih, All our events are built on a real encounter with Christ.

Events Include

  • High School Faith Nights
  • Living Stations of the Cross Performance
  • Adoration
  • Annual Spring Concert in Cimpl Arena
  • Magnify at the Mount