Our students are not only looking for careers, but ways to serve others. We are looking for purpose. Find yours on the Mount.

Mount Marty students are a caring, curious bunch. Not only do we work together to help people, but we want to be the ones who dive head first into solving problems, experimenting with new ideas and thinking beyond the walls of Corbey or Whitby Hall. We want to take what we’ve learned and do something that really matters. Whether you’re taking classes in forensic science or charting a path to a career in nursing or education, a Mount Marty education will prepare you for success, wherever your passions lead. Don't have a degree in mind yet? Our academic advisors will help you decided how to pick a degree.

We're different, and we like it that way

A Mount Marty education will push you to the limit (in a good way). Mount Marty teaches you to think beyond just the right answer, to find fresh ways to approach problems. You’ll learn directly from and collaborate with dedicated professors who want to make sure you get the most out of each class. Your classmates will tell you how satisfying it is to start a discussion group and look at new perspectives on health care or criminal justice.

Confront real problems with creative solutions, hard work, and hope

And with small class sizes and lots of one-on-one attention (10:1 ratio of students to faculty), you’ll never have to worry about large lecture rooms or halls teeming with hundreds of people. Our students have direct access to faculty and develop strong, mentoring relationships with them. You’ll leave here with the critical thinking, leadership and communication skills you need to jump confidently into a broad range of careers. In fact, 95% of our students find employment within six months of graduation.

It’s about heart and mind

All this and we are blessed to be within throwing distance of top-notch resources for community service opportunities, which are woven into nearly every class. Even students of accounting volunteer their time during tax season at the Mount Marty Tax Clinic.

Hospitality and service is one of the four Catholic Benedictine values at Mount Marty and one of the best parts about being here. It is a campus philosophy and our shared commitment to create the best version of ourselves, regardless of faith. We surround ourselves with people who want to help others, who are open to new experiences and willing to put their heads and hands together to get the job done.