Jump onstage.

Theatre is in your blood. You might not yet realize it, but it’s there. The experience of tapping into a part of yourself that you didn’t know existed. Finding the courage and tenacity to try something new, take risks, and find inspiration. Whether on stage, behind the scenes or in the seats, theatre grabs hold of you, pulses through you and doesn’t let go.

You’re already an original thinker, curious and independent. But playing a part in theatre production and coursework can also help you learn the importance of leadership, working as a team, critical thinking, problem solving, project management, hard work, as well as presentation and communication skills. You can even choose a minor in theatre, which is perfect if you’d like to teach future thespians.

At Mount Marty, you can participate in a wide range of productions, ranging from Little Shop of Horrors to the recreation of the stations of the cross in Marian Auditorium—regardless of your experience. Whether you’re interested in performance or technical theatre, our faculty will give life to your goals of acting, directing, or designing. And you’ll be joining a troupe that seeks to live by our Catholic Benedictine values of community and lifelong learning every day. You’ll collaborate, pray together, play together, and share so many laughs!