True Blue

We’re in this together.

At Mount Marty College, we want to make sure you succeed—in school and in life. Whether you’re the first person in your family to attend college or if you’re just hoping to get your first year off to a great start, we’re here. We’ll listen to you, guide you, and help you discover your passions, wherever they may lead. We’ll help you find not only a career, but ways to serve others. We call it True Blue. It’s part of our Catholic Benedictine values, and it’s what makes Mount Marty different—and just right for you. 

True Blue is an orientation program designed to:

  • help you recognize your strengths
  • identify your lifelong learning goals
  • find ways to lead and serve in the community

Yes, we’ll talk about responsibility and expectations, but we’ll also share strategies to help you adjust to college-level academics. When you sign up for True Blue, you’ll be enrolled in a freshman-level general education course during the fall semester. What you learn during this course will also be used throughout the True Blue program, so you’ll quickly start to understand your learning style and figure out ways to pick up content before you get into all of your classes. You’ll be able to use these same strategies in First-year Seminar, workshops through the Center for Academic Excellence and the Partnership for Academic Student Success (PASS) program. 

True Blue begins four days before the start of New Student Orientation. So sign up early, space is limited!

To learn more, contact Katie Harrell at (605) 668-1554 or