Accomdations Process

Newly enrolled students, as well as students recently diagnosed, should contact the Disability Services office as early as possible to request accommodations. The Disability Services Coordinator will assist the student with the registration process, including obtaining proper documentation if not already submitted and determining specific accommodations to be requested.

Students will be required to complete the registration form, and, if necessary, a release of information for the office to request disability verification; this verification is provided by an appropriate practitioner or institution, depending on the nature of the disability (e.g., IEP/504, physical letter, psychological/psycho-educational evaluation, etc.). An accommodation request form may be completed at this time or after the appropriate documentation is received by the office for further clarification of beneficial and practitioner-recommended accommodations.

When the relevant documentation is received, and specific accommodations have been requested by the student, the Disability Services Coordinator makes the determination as to whether the accommodations are reasonable and appropriate in terms of the disability's impact on learning and the nature of college-level expectations. The approved accommodations will be stated in the Accommodations Memo issued to the student, signed by the appropriate people, and returned to the Disability Services office. Each semester, a new memo must be obtained and presented to instructors to secure accommodations for that semester.