Become a Mount Marty Ambassador

The Ambassador program is one of Mount Marty College’s most prestigious programs. Interested students apply and are interviewed by a panel of staff supervisors. Ambassadors are selected to represent and serve the Mount Marty community in a variety of ways such as:

  • Offering campus tours to prospective students and their families
  • Assisting with various recruitment events
  • Serving as student representatives at college receptions, dinners and events

    "No matter what night of the week is it, there is always something to do at Mount Marty to keep students entertained. Whether it be yoga, grocery store bingo, or yard games, there is always a way to meet new people and hang out."                                                                               


    "Mount Marty's core values of community, hospitality, awareness of God, and life-long learning are well portrayed on campus. It's what makes this place like a second home. I love it here."


    "Being part of a small community is one of my favroite things about Mount Marty. I love knowing the majority of my classmates and having professors know me as a person rather than a number. The community here has been crucial to my academic success."