summit, sd

Alex Kneeland

allex kneeland
senior - transferred from another 4-year college
major: pre-professional
Campus: yankton

Student-Athlete Experience

The biggest impact with campus involvement that I was able to experience was the opportunity to be a part of something great on our women's basketball team. Not only were we able to reach large amounts of success, but it drew us closer to the entire student body as a whole. Fellow students and professors reached out to wish us luck, cheer us on and even just sit down and chat about the upcoming games. Being a part of something like the national tournament really drew the campus together as a whole and served as a large bonding experience for us all. 

One-on-One Instruction

My professors here at Mount Marty College have been great. The one on one commitment they are willing to spend with each individual student has expanded my learning experience by so much. For example, there isn't a college class I was more scared of than Organic Chemistry, but with the guidance that Dr. Wu was willing to extend, I was able to not only succeed in the class, but thoroughly enjoyed it. This is not something that is always available in other colleges and has helped prepare me immensely as I set on a path toward graduate school.

Understanding Myself and the World Around Me

The core values that are instilled at Mount Marty College play a big role in preparing the students for life outside of the classroom. Personally, they helped me to reach a more wide and general understanding of myself and the world around me. I feel as if I am able to take in so much more each and every day just by being aware of all the incredible things happening each day. I developed into a more complete individual by not just focusing on one aspect of life, but by learning and appreciating other values as well.