Caleb Wilson

Gunnison, CO

Caleb Wilson

caleb wilson
major: criminal justice
Campus: yankton

The Impact of Involvement

Campus involvement is huge in a small college like Mount Marty. There are countless numbers of clubs and activities that you can be involved in. Personally, I am in 2 clubs, those being the Criminal Justice Club (President), and the STEP Club. I am also an ambassador for Mount Marty and an orientation leader. On top of that, I am also a student athlete on the baseball team. At Mount Marty College I would encourage anyone to join a club because that’s how you get to know people with similar interests as you. Each club has fun things they do. For example, the Criminal Justice club went to Rapid City in the spring of 16’ and we got to tour the jail, crime lab and do “ride alongs” with police officers. These involvements have helped me to learn new skills and make connections to use in the future.

Powerful Professors

Dr. Dewitt, the Criminal Justice professor, has impacted not only my education but my life as well. The amount of knowledge that Dr. Dewitt has passed on is amazing. He uses all of his resources to give us not only the best possible experience in the classroom, but also his resources in the real world that have resulted in internships (personally) and jobs for countless amounts of students. Dr. Dewitt is very personable and approachable and has helped me to strive to become a better student and leader inside and outside of the classroom. 

Core Values

I believe the community and hospitality values of Mount Marty College have really helped me to grow. I find myself being much more selfless than I was before. The help of not only coaches and professors in everyday life, but students as well offering a helping hand whenever needed. I live 14 hours away from home and I always find people offering a place to stay or to come home with them for thanksgiving or for other holidays that I can’t make it home for. In my opinion, hospitality is a key attribute to have in the world. Having open arms to let people in is a quality I have picked up at Mount Marty College and I attribute that to the people around me in my time here.