Elly Miiller

vermillion, sd

Elly Miiller

elly miiller
major: pre-professional
Campus: yankton

Why Mount Marty?

As I begin my Senior year at Mount Marty, I have realized how much the core values have been a part of my time at MMC. Hospitality and Community in a way work together as hospitality is important to building a community. I have met many people during my time at Mount Marty, from scholarship donors to prospective freshmen and it is important for me to help them feel welcome and comfortable within the MMC community. Because of these two core values, I know I am prepared to meet new people and I have the skills to communicate and relate to them on a more personal and emotional level.

The core value of Lifelong Learning has taught me that it is important to continue to challenge yourself and learn something new. Last summer I volunteered at Camp No Limits for kids with limb loss and I had no idea what to expect or the type of people that I would meet. My experience and what I learned at camp about others and about myself, has inspired me to pursue a career in Prosthesis and Orthotics so that I may continue to work with people that have overcome the impossible and have such a great outlook on life despite living with limb loss.

Reaching Your Full Potential

The professors and teachers at Mount Marty College are dedicated to helping students reach their full potential while studying their particular degree field. One professor that has had a particular impact on my education at MMC is Dr. Sorenson. His knowledge and passion for the biological sciences, has motivated me to study hard and learn all that I can during my time at Mount Marty. A teacher that has impacted my life at Mount Marty is Sister Maribeth. She is always in a good mood and interested in students activities. She sets a model example of leading a life of faith and service. I hope one day I am as dedicated and caring as Sister Maribeth.

A Special Experience

I am involved in several groups and clubs on campus including Catholic Leadership, Women's Golf, and the Shooting Team. I am a leader in 2 of the 3 groups: Pastoral Council representative of the class of 2017 and President of the Mount Marty Shooting Team. Pastoral Council (and Catholic Leadership) has given me opportunities to stay active in my faith including reading at masses and providing moments of reflection and prayer at meetings and church services. As President of the Shooting Team, I have developed skills in communication with sponsors, coaches and team members at MMC and other schools especially when we attend competitions.

I have been an Orientation Leader the last 2 years and I will be one this fall. As an orientation leader, I get to help freshmen and their families become familiar and comfortable for their time at Mount Marty. I thoroughly enjoy working with the freshmen during orientation weekend, answering questions, and getting to know their interests so that I can point them in the direction of clubs they may be interested in to make their time at MMC fun and rewarding.

Overall, I have had experiences at Mount Marty that would have been less likely to have occurred at another school or larger university. These experiences have allowed me to develop skills that I use daily and will continue to use in my future endeavors.