Watertown Undergraduate Programs

2016-2017 comprehensive costs

Below is a list of tuition and possible fees for the Watertown undergraduate programs.

Full-Time and Part-Time Students

Tuition $255 per credit hr
Support Fee $45 per credit hr
Total Cost Per Credit $300 per credit hr

The charges listed are subject to change based on your course of study. Please contact the Business Office at (605) 668-1575 with questions or for more information.

*Program Support Fee covers the administrative and service area costs including academic advising, registrar, financial aid and library. Full time students fee also covers the costs of technology and physical infrastructure (parking, general facility use, computer labs, wireless networks, printer access and IT help desk). The fee also supports student services and activities such as campus ministry, athletic and fine arts events, career services, learning center, health services and counseling. This fee is nonrefundable once classes begin.